The Dark Inside Me gameplay builds upon the decisions and sacrifices between the user and the events. Puzzles in the game may solved with more then one way. And each way will lead you different ways and change the flow of the scenario. You can kill some one that stoping you fromn your way, by finding a tool to use on. Or you will find a way to pass him or her without killing.And if you didn’t kill then that person could help you later in the game to solve a puzzle or can kill you or and make the things harder for you. When time comes for some vendata, you will decide to forgive or no. You will torture or kill or let him or her go .You will face with the decisions you gave throug the game. You take or find many tools and items, use them on other objects, combine them to create new items to solve new things.

Game is very synchronized with the amazing sounds effects and music. It will take you into the game and make you feel that you are the part of it. Even the game is a point & click adventure game, there will be some action scenes as well including torture, fight and sex.

Beside dramatic and scenes, there are many gore, sexual and disturbing scenes as well.
For examples; you start to play in indoor scenes and then continue outdoors then take a bus and play in the bus and then goto other places. Goto airport find a way to enter plane. Travel with plane and play in it. Then continue your jorney in another country, search things and then travel to a town. You should find a way to enter a club and solve the puzzles. There will be also some fun scenes as well; for example you will play in a rock bar with a band. You’ll be the lead singer and guitarist on the stage. Sure this scene isnt designed just for fun, it’s a part of a puzzle.
Game always will bring you new things and supprises. It will always keep the tansion up and let you to lead the game-flow and the events. The Dark Inside me, will push the limits to give you a uniq experience and make it more then just a game. The Dark Inside Me horror gamee - Best adventure game ever, by BLUE ARC
Each chapter has its own sections. And sections are made of with various game scenes.

  • CHAPTER-1: Her Twisted Pleasures

  • I don’t belong here
  • Echoes in the night: First contact
  • Corrpıted lives
  • Can you love me?
  • Broken lines of a killer
  • Them
  • Her Twisted Pleasures
  • CHAPTER-2: Sick Minds

  • Rainy roads
  • Dead girls never say no
  • When an angel smiles
  • Fall of the drama queen
  • Darkness is my choice
  • The red vengeance
  • Sick minds 
  • CHAPTER-3: Mother of flowers

  • The Town: Children of the damned
  • Circus of the other side
  • A cold bitter touch
  • Something is wrong with them
  • Pleasure or the pain?
  • Happy birthday
  • Mother of flowers
  • Chapter-4: Genesis: Dawn of the black hearts  
  • Chapter-5: Sometimes death can be the only way – Play the after life
  • Chapter-6: Hell – No words to discribe!
The Dark Inside Me is being developed by Blue Arc Studios, an İstanbul based animation and interactive stuodio founded by Akçay Karaazmak.

Akçay Karaazmak - Creative director & Project lead
Nadir Demirsoy - Programmer
Michaela Rexova - Concept artist
Murat Büyükbayrak - 3d generalist
Kaan Arslan - 3d animator